Muay Thai training at Legacy Gym

Muay thai training is twice a day, six days a week. A normal training day starts at 06.30 AM with a run. The length of the run ranges from 1,5 km for a very short run to 8,5 km (a lap around the lake). Some days, we do sprinting drills as speed training. When the run is finished, we do skipping. Usually, we skip for 20 minutes. This is done to improve conditioning and coordination. After this, we wrap our hands and shadow box.

The trainers help out with technique during the shadow boxing. This is followed by padwork with the trainers. We usually to three four minute rounds on the pads. Following the padwork, there is bagwork and/or clinch. Sometimes, specific drills/combinations are given for the bagwork. Some days can be less physical and instead focus on the technical aspects of muay thai. During these days, we do more sport-specific techniques. The training is usually finished with kicking/knee drills and conditioning.

The second training session of the day starts at 3.30 PM with a shorter run. Then, we do skipping, wrap our hand and shadow box as in the morning. Depending on what day it is, then we either do sparring (muay thai twice a week and boxing once a week) or padwork again.

The sparring is usually six rounds of four minutes each. After the sparring, there is clinch training, which is an essential skill in muay thai. After that, we usually work the bags for a few rounds. The training is usually finished with kicking/knee drills and conditioning.

Muay thai legacygym in Thailand
Muaythai legacygym

MMA Training at Legacy Gym

Legacy Gym’s MMA programme has quickly become one of the most well-respected in Southeast Asia with fighters making regular appearances at all the region’s major events, from Art of War in China to Martial Combat in Singapore In addition to the Muay Thai training,

Legacy’s MMA fighters work on both their wrestling and ground skills every day Brazilian jiu-jitsu training sessions are held every evening Novices to the sport roll side-by-side with our professional fighters, giving them a great opportunity to learn from others and really improve their game.

The MMA team also has its own strength and conditioning programme with sport specific circuit-training, Holyfields, cardiovascular workouts and punishing tyre sprints.

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Customers reviews

I've just spent the last month training at Legacy Gym!!!!! highly recommended In my past 7 visits to thailand I've trained at big name muay thai gyms in Bangkok,Pattaya and Phuket. This trip I was looking for a more remote and raw boxing experience and WOW did I find it here!!! Arriving to my departure I was treated as family, the gyms care taker was super accommodating to every need and more than willing to share his beautiful city as a somewhat tour guide with myself and the other fighters. legacy gym Ubon Ratchathani is and always will be my place to come to from now on!
Matt Plymin
Great experience for almost a month! The training and trainers are so good, pushing hard to learn and enjoy at the same time 💪 I was over impressed with how cleaned and nice rooms and private toilets are, totally renovated in the last weeks. Thanks Legacy team, more than a gym!
Muay Thai
Estrella Hernández Rodríguez
I’ve been here for a month now and I’ve loved every second of it, it’s peaceful here and there is no distractions a perfect setup for a fighter or someone just trying to get in shape, I will definitely recommend this to anybody who is trying to evolve some muaythai skills or just tryna get away from the standard daily life, plus the administration is super welcoming, friendly and helpfull � I will revisit for sure.
Marco Birch
MMA Fighter